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Contact & Resources

The business logo for Dr Sara Davies BVMS MRCVS CTC - vet, behaviour counsellor & trainer ‘working for pets and their people’ - and contact information: 37 Mt Pleasant Rd, Brixham, Devon, TQ5 9RP; 01803 859634;

The best way to get hold of me is to call me, at home, on 01803 859634. I am almost always around between 9 & 11am Monday to Thursday (except Bank Holidays) and an answer machine is available at other times and I will return your call. You can also email me ( at any time. 

I work Sunday to Thursday but I don't do phone calls on a Sunday, so if you leave a message or e mail me on a Friday, a weekend, or a Bank Holiday it will be returned on the next available working weekday. 

I am not required to provide an emergency service (and nor do I), so if you are experiencing an urgent situation with your pet's behaviour please call your usual veterinary surgeon, who is required to provide you with 24 hour care. They will be able to give you any necessary 'first aid' advice until a referral to a pet behaviour counsellor can be arranged. 

Recommended Book Resources

Front cover of the book 'Life Skills for Puppies'

‘Life Skills for Puppies’ by Helen Zulch & Daniel Mills, both veterinary behaviourists at Lincoln University, would get my vote as the best book currently on the market about raising a puppy.

Front cover of the book 'The Culture Clash' by Jean Donaldson

If you have a fledgling interest in dog behaviour and want to find out more there is no better starting point than ‘The Culture Clash’ by Jean Donaldson now in its second edition. The first edition of this book was a game changer in this industry.

Recommended Online Resources

Logo for Barker and Barker Training Treats

If you have been to my classes before and your dog is missing their ‘Little Liver Training Treats’ from my treat pouch, or perhaps the ‘Arctic Fish Training Treats’, then look no further as Barker & Barker is where I get them from and they sell direct to the public

Logo for Barkers Unleashed

If you live near Brixham and would like a safe, sole use field to exercise, play with and train your dog here is one you can hire by the hour or half hour. Great for teaching a recall and also for those dogs with special needs

Logo for the iSpeakDog web site

This website, iSpeakDog, is an amazing online resource with extensive pictures and videos to help you understand your dog’s behaviour and ‘speak dog’

Logo for Stop the 77 - to teach children to stay safe around the dogs they love

Stop the 77 is the best collection of video resources that I have ever seen for teaching children to avoid conflict with dogs

Logo for International Cat Care, formerly the Feline Advisory Bureau

International Cat Care is the one stop shop for cat health and behaviour information - a wealth of up to the minute advice from veterinary and behaviour experts

Logo for Fear Free - taking the pet out of petrified

Fear Free started as a movement within the veterinary profession in the US for more considerate handling and care of dogs and cats who are often petrified at the vets. It is now worldwide and reaching out to other pet professionals and directly to pet parents with some great resources

Logo for Zazie Todd's blog, Companion Animal Psychology

If you are interested in the science behind pet behaviour then sign up for Zazie Todd’s excellent weekly blog ‘Companion Animal Psychology’. Zazie, like me, is a graduate of The Academy for Dog Trainers

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