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After the Puppy Course

The business logo for Dr Sara Davies BVMS MRCVS CTC - vet, behaviour counsellor & trainer ‘working for pets and their people’ - and contact information: 37 Mt Pleasant Rd, Brixham, Devon, TQ5 9RP; 01803 859634;

A large black adult German Shepherd and a much smaller young German Shepherd puppy

This is Keith (background) and Albert (foreground), both German Shepherds, believe it or not

Please note, all the services on this page are only available to people who have been to my puppy training and socialisation classes, or done other training with me in the past.

Once you have completed a puppy training & socialisation course with me you can then access a whole host of other group classes and fun activities. So once your puppy has grown from 'an Albert' into 'a Keith' there is still more training, more fun activities, and more help and advice at hand. I like to think of myself as offering a ‘pup to pensioner’ service! Details below...

The After School Club

This is a very friendly and interactive group of clients who have been to one of my puppy courses. They and ALL their dogs and cats (the human is the member, not the pet) get access to some sizable benefits:-
  • Monthly ‘doggy dawdle’ group walks (for the larger dogs)
  • Monthly ‘rugrat rambles’ (for the smaller dogs)
  • Monthly e mail editions of ‘The Lamppost’ - a newsletter, written by me, containing news and advice on behaviour, training, health and welfare
  • Free behaviour, training and welfare advice, from me, over the phone or by e mail 
  • Eligibility for the Teenage Top-Up and Agility for Fun (see later)
  • 10% discount off any other puppy courses and 10% off behaviour counselling and private (one to one) training of all your household dogs AND cats
  • Discount off the behaviour & training products that I stock

Dogs and their people on a doggy dawdle at Man Sands near Kingswear

Some of the doggy dawdlers at Man Sands near Kingswear - Kimi, Bailey, Max & Morph and their people

After School Club membership is £10 for 12 months. It is you who is the member so all dogs and cats in your household are covered by the same single membership fee. The group walks each cost £2 for the first dog and £1 per additional dogs and once a year I donate 50% of the takings of these walks to an animal related charity of my choice.

Teenage Top-Up

This is a course to follow on where my puppy course leaves off. It usually attracts a mixture of clients - those who have lively and exuberant dogs like Riley the Labrador here... 

Riley the Labrador leaps into the River Dart in Totnes, after his ball

...and those who just want to further their education like Rueben the Basset Hound here...

Rueben the Basset Hound in glasses on the sofa with a text book

Some like to go straight into a Teenage Top-Up after finishing the puppy classes, others wait a little while; either way, it is good to do this course before your dog is a year old, so while they are colliding headlong with adolescence, which can be a particularly troublesome time with dogs. The Teenage Top-Up course involves 4 x one hour, weekly sessions, and has the even smaller class size of four dogs. It usually takes place at my Totnes or Brixham venue, occasionally Dartmouth. The course fee is £70 and you must be an After School Club member (see above). 

Agility for Fun

This is for clients who have been to my puppy classes, are After School Club members (see above), and whose dogs are now at least 12 months old. The classes are purely for fun, absolutely non-competitive, so any size and level of ability is welcome (that applies to dogs and people!). I want to provide my clients’ dogs with a good deal of regular physical exercise and mental stimulation and their people with some light relief in their hectic lives. 

My dog Rita flies over an agility jump

See Rita fly! This is my dog; she's only 3kg

The beginners course is called 'The Recruits' and is 5 x one hour, weekly sessions, with a six dog maximum, and a course fee of £85. On completion you can join the ‘The Regulars’ who book sessions one at a time for £10 each with a maximum of four dogs in each of these sessions. I hire an enclosed field in Dartington, near Totnes, which I use for the agility classes. 

Pet Behaviour Counselling & One to One Training

If, during the puppy course, or once you have completed it, you find yourself needing some extra help with an issue that perhaps wasn’t covered by the course, or something needs fine tuning, or looking at in more detail, or you need help applying the advice to your particular household then private, one to one training may be the answer.

If, after the puppy course, you should find yourself in the unfortunate position of having a pet, dog or cat, with a serious behavioural problem I might also be able to help. Dealing with such problems is not for the faint hearted and they do require an enormous amount of commitment from you AND me and, above all, compliance with the advice that is given. I should know...

My cat Stewie sat on the kitchen work top

...this handsome fellow is my own cat, Stewie, a rescue cat from the Blue Cross who has a serious stress related condition called 'feline idiopathic cystitis'. This is one of the occasions where medical problems and behavioural problems collide; so now you see where me being a vet and a behaviourist comes in very handy. It has taken commitment and compliance on my part (I had to 'practice what I preach'), but Stewie's problem is now well controlled and he lives a very comfortable existence. Also a slimmer one - he’s been on a diet since that photo and is now his ideal weight!

I am not able to deal with all behavioural issues in dogs and cats. This is partly due to the time taken up by my class commitments, and partly because I lack the kind of set up required for some cases, particularly dog to dog cases. However, if you have been to my puppy classes and I can’t help you I will try to direct you to someone who can.

Tess the Lurcher sprawls upside down on the sofa

Tess the Lurcher is scared of having her nails trimmed at the vets so her people are working on teaching Tess to like having her 'nails done' at home. Here she is after a training session - tired, but very pleased with the look of her cuticles

Pet behaviour counselling and one to one training is done on either a home visit basis (I come to you for a session of up to 2 hours) or at one of my venues, depending on the issue. It is rare a single session is going to be adequate - if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well and if you want results you are going to need multiple sessions (anything from 2 to 12) and a lot of support from me (by phone, e mail, and in person). I charge a fee of £40 to £80 per session depending on whether it’s at one of my venues or a home visit. Depending on the problem you have you may need to be 'referred' to see me by your own veterinary surgeon, but don’t let this put you off; it’s very straight forward to organise.

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Please note, all the services on this page are only available to people who have been to my puppy training and socialisation classes, or done other training with me in the past.

Messages from my clients

Kimi the White Swiss Shepherd and his person

“Sara's training methods are reward based, so Kimi loved going to lessons! I never felt like I should have the perfect dog, good is good enough and if you want to improve in your own time, you are given all the tools and support to do so. I would recommend both the training and agility classes to anyone who wants to have fun with their dog whilst learning.” Xylina Bailey & Kimi the White Swiss Shepherd

Chudley the Cocker Spaniel

“Can I just say how much I enjoy reading ‘The Lamppost’; it’s easily the best newsletter I read each month.  It’s really informative and you write in a way that non academics like myself can understand which is great.  I also like the links and the photos too.” Rachel Lester & Chudley the Cocker Spaniel

The business logo for Dr Sara Davies BVMS MRCVS CTC - vet, behaviour counsellor & trainer ‘working for pets and their people’ - and contact information: 37 Mt Pleasant Rd, Brixham, Devon, TQ5 9RP; 01803 859634;

Logos for The Academy for Dog Trainers, Fear Free, the APBC (of which I am a full member) and the Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) with whom I am registered as both a ‘veterinary behaviourist’ and a ‘clinical animal behaviourist'

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